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Are You an Audiophile?

What is an audiophile, and how can you tell if you are one? Chances are, if you are an audiophile, you already know, but you may be one of the many novice audiophiles who do not yet know of your true audiophile self.rnrnAt its most basic, an audiophile is a person who really cares about the quality of sound when you listen to music. Do you like your music to have a rich, full sound that is nearly indistinguishable from hearing it live? You might be an audiophile. Can you tell when your mp3 player plays a 320-bit file, immediately followed by a 128-bit (or worse, a 92-bit) file? And does it really bother you? You might be an audiophile. Do you have all of Pink Floyd’s albums on your computer as single tracks, instead of second tracks, because you can hear that millisecond variance when it switches from one track to the next? You definitely might be an audiophile.rnrnSo what can you do if you are? Well, there is nothing wrong with liking your music to have a high quality of sound, and there is a lot you can do about it. The simplest thing is to pay attention to the bit-rate of your music. If it’s an mp3, choose a higher bit-rate. If it’s a record, keep it clean, and make sure your needle is clean and sensitive. Better materials equal better music. The next thing to consider would be your speakers. If you use your built-in laptop speakers, or cheap computer speakers, you have a world of room for improvement. rnrnJust like you can set up high fidelity surround sound systems for your TV and for your CD-players, you can set one up for your computer, or connect your computer to your existing hi-fi sound system. Do a little research, and make the world of high quality sound your oyster!

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