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How Computer Hardware has Revolutionized the Classroom

With the nip of a fall chill beginning outside, and summer’s record heat and long days at the beach just a memory, it seems like everyone is focused on getting ready to head back to school. From the golden leaves on the lawn to pencils and notebooks popping up in big box stores everywhere, it’s difficult to deny that autumn is here. As much preparation as families need to make for the season, school districts and teachers are super busy preparing, as well. Before the advancement of school district computer hardware, educators used to record everything on paper or in daily logs. To prepare for the school year, a teacher would ready a packet for each student, completely with their names and everything they’d need to survive the year. Now, with the Internet and computer hardware, many schools are distributing laptops or smart phones to students on the first day of school!rnrnCritics of computer hardware in the classroom need look no further than reports of children developing bone and joint pain before the enter high school. Before computer hardware, students often carried several textbooks on their backs. Their school bags exceeded the recommended weight (ten percent of a child’s body weight) by far, and parents were getting frustrated with schools’ lack of a solution to the problem. Now, with computer hardware being so accessible and affordable for schools and students, multiple textbooks can be downloaded and transported right on a student’s laptop!rnrnYou may also be surprised to learn that computer hardware and the Internet have even revolutionized the physical education setting! Certainly, kick ball and square dancing remain staples of a school gym, but when it comes time for phys ed students to learn about health or driver’s education, all they need to do is hop onto a piece of computer hardware and get to work! Even the driver’s certification exam has gone completely digital in most states!

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