Let Your Domain Name Speak for Itself

Buying a domain name isn’t difficult, but getting the right one can take a little bit of work. It’s often tempting to get something cute and catchy, but there are reasons you should avoid that. First and foremost, you want your potential customers to find you in search results. If what you’re selling isn’t at least the largest part of your domain name, you may rank poorly and no one will realize your site is out there.

Potential customers can’t buy from you if they don’t know you’re there, so make sure that you take the time to give your domain name some serious thought. You don’t necessarily want it to be boring, but you do want it to be clear. That’s what a domain name is for. It helps people identify what the site is about, what it’s offering, and whether it’s something they want to explore. A site with a confusing or ‘cutesy’ domain name can turn a lot of people off. Some of them won’t even bother to click on it to see what it is, for fear it could just be a time-waster – or even something offensive. Don’t fall into that trap with your domain name.

Be clear in what you have to say, and let it speak for itself. When people are looking for something on the Internet, they want to find it, research it, potentially buy it, and go on with their lives. Your product or service isn’t doing anyone any good if people can’t find it and/or if they think your site isn’t pertinent to their search. That’s easily avoided, though, by being clear in what you do and putting that right into your domain name. When you’re buying your domain, make sure you keep that in mind and put your potential customers first.