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Money Talk Shows

Nothing will ever beat out sports and politics in talk radio, but money shows are growing in popularity. This popularity boomed with the easy prosperity of the last decade, with many shows about personal finance, stocks, real estate, and what to do with your 401(k). Then times changed, the markets crashed, and people started losing their jobs. In a desperate bid to stay relevant, most money shows shifted their focus.rnrnNow the shows are primarily about debt management, with a predictable helping of "Get Rich Quick." No, of course they don’t tell their listeners to chase schemes, but their advertising does. So with advertising preaching a different message than the actual show, how reputable are money talk shows?rnrnIf you have a money show that you like, that is okay. Consider three things, though, before you follow the advice they peddle, though. Especially think hard before buying one of their "endorsed" products.rnrn1. Talk shows are entertainment. Yes, that is correct. This person may not be motivated by providing sound and supportive financial advice. Your talk show host is motivated by a desire to be interesting, relevant, clever, witty, all the things that actually attract users.rnrn2. Talk show hosts have a very short sketch of somebody’s financial picture before making judgment. Even if they do ask follow-up questions to get a clearer understanding, they have definite time constraints. An actual session with a licensed financial planner usually takes at least an hour, just for preliminaries. An in-depth analysis of your personal finances takes even longer. It simply is not possible to evaluate your finances in three minutes, much less thirty seconds.rnrn3. Talk show hosts are usually not financial planners. In some cases, their only credential is that they have a talk show. They are interesting, entertaining, and read a book once. You would probably be better taking your finances into your own hands. Please, before talking a talk show host’s advice, see a licensed financial planner!

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