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Do a search for Online Radio, and you will find dozens, if not hundreds of sites that provide streaming music, actual radio stations, or both. Add to that the vast number of radio stations, or the many ways you can personalize some services, and there are literally millions of possible online music ‘stations’. So how do you choose from this smorgasbord of possibilities?rnrnWhat are your actual needs? Why are you looking for online radio? Your answers to these questions will determine what services may be the best for you. Is it because traditional radio stations do not play the kind of music you want? You can almost certainly find an online music source that has your kind of music. You may want to look into Digital Audio rnBroadcasting, too, if you live in a country where it is available. There are many more DAB stations available than traditional radio stations in areas that have it.rnrnAre you looking for an online radio station because you are tired of commercials? That will seriously limit your options. Many free radio stations are paid for by commercials, although they usually do a single commercial spot at a time, rather than several in a row. You mind find stomaching a single 30 second commercial much less objectionable than a 3 or 4 minute commercial break. If you do not want commercials at all, there are streaming stations available that charge a subscription price instead.rnrnDo you seek online radio because you want to find new and interesting music? There are two ways to go about this objective. Many services use some kind of algorithm to pick other music similar to what you already like. Essentially, it compares what you like to what others like, so it is limited to the musical experience of others. The other way is to find DJ-managed online stations that play genres of music you like. This has a better chance of finding that obscure song that just hits the spot.rnrnNo matter what your motivations, online radio has something that may be just perfect for you!

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