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Satellite Changing Landscape of Radio Broadcasting

Satellite radio is a fairly new concept on the market in the United States. While the transmission can be either analogue or digital with satellite broadcasts, they must be fed to a satellite and then bounced back to a receiver for listeners to hear the broadcast.rnrnThe technology of satellite radio is used somewhat differently in various countries. For instance, in Europe, a large number of local stations use satellite transmission in order for their programming to reach a larger base of listeners. With the implementation of satellite transmission in Europe, programs can be heard throughout the continent because their satellite signals are picked up by receivers outside of the station’s typical territory.rnrnIn the United States, FM radio stations broadcast programming in the traditional way for the country. Each station carries a specific type of programming, along with local news, weather and other area-related information. In would not be profitable to the company’s owning these stations to broadcast their locally-specific programming to other areas of the nation.rnrnSatellite radio is changing this landscape of stations in the United States, though. As individual consumer satellite subscriptions in the country grow, more listeners are gaining access to programming from other regions of the nation. Because of this, many satellite stations are carrying much broader programming, including more national news and related information.rnrnOther uses of satellite radio in the United States have been in the commercial market. Places of business with high public traffic counts are finding satellite radio to be beneficial to their businesses. With subscription services, these businesses are able to tap into satellite radio’s technology to play music in their lobbies, dining rooms and store floors. Many hotels, food service establishments and retailers are using these types of services.rnrnBecause the way radio programming and stations are set up varies from one country to the next, the way consumers use satellite radio transmissions is also very different. Only time will tell how satellite radio will evolve and change the international radio industry along the way.

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