Tips for Picking the Best Domain Name

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Tips for Picking the Best Domain Name

Each domain name is unique, but many of them are very similar. Some are identical, except for the ending. The dot com is most popular, but there are many others that can be used – and they can all add to the confusion. Some people buy up all versions of their domain name, but others feel that this is simply too expensive.

Try to get the most common version, which is the dot com, because that’s the one that most people relate to and expect in a trusted and ‘normal’ website. If you can’t do that, consider adjusting the name just a little bit to stick with the dot com ending, rather than using a dot info ending or something similar.

Think like a customer when you’re about to make a domain name choice. Will it be easy for a customer to recognize? Can they spell it without a problem? If the customer makes a common misspelling, where does he end up? You don’t want to accidentally be associated with someone or something that’s inappropriate, unsavory, or offensive. Your domain name can be catchy, but make sure it’s something a customer understands.

Anyone looking at your domain name should know either (a) who you are, or (b) what you do or what you’re selling. Using your name as a domain name can work if you’re a sole proprietor selling services and building a brand. If you’re selling a product, though, it’s better to have the product name as the domain name. That way, customers who have no idea who you are will still be able to easily determine what you’re offering. That avoids confusion and frustration, and it also helps you get more customers to your site. They recognize it in search engine rankings, and see that it offers what they want, giving you more opportunities for traffic and sales.