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Using Podcasts for Continuing Education

The rising prevalence of podcasts has changed the opportunities for education. Previously, you needed to have money to pay for more education, and availability at set times that may be difficult for many people. Podcasts are leveling the playing field. Many universities, colleges, and think-tanks make lectures and discourses available in audio and video formats. These could be recordings of actual classes, or they could be more general interest, like faculty lecture series, or press briefings on various topics. rn rn If you value education, you no longer have to dish out large amounts of money for continuing education. Instead, you can invest a little time in familiarizing yourself with what free content is available for the areas you are interested. There are many ways to find content. You can start by looking whatever online source you buy music from, to see what free content they have available. ITunes has a complete section of free content from academic institutions, for example.rn rn If you are entering a field where a degree is necessary, don’t despair. Free content from premium institutions can still be of great benefit to you. You can use lectures to lay a foundation so you do much better when you start taking classes. Also, if your school allows it, many courses can be challenged. Read the course material, listen to free lectures that help you understand it, and then take a challenge examination. You receive a pass/fail score, and if you pass you receive full credit for the class. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per credit, you pay a much smaller fee, just for the cost of the examination. This an especially good way to cover your general education credits, which are less important to what your final area of study will be.rn rn Even if you don’t have an mp3 player, content can be viewed on your computer. If you do have an mp3 player, you can take it with you on the go. Learn while you’re at the gym, waiting for the bus, in your car, all for free. Education has become so much more available!rnrn

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